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Related post: Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 15:06:13 +0800 From: yr_ry_ Subject: Reformation 27*Disclaimer*If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please do not read on. If you couldn't accept themes of homosexuality and the like, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males having intimate relationships and is considered FOR ADULTS ONLY due to its sexual theme and contents. BUT if you really like free teen lesbian movies this stuff, please porn girl teen don't tell others.Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or in simpler terms, it's not true!!! Even if this story involves the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and other famous celebrities all that happens in here is fictional... again, it's not true. If there are instances that it is similar to what happened in the real world, it doesn't mean that it's really true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, as far as the I and the world lesbian teen video know, they're straight as an arrow so I dunno if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these teen porn sites trailers guys and slash fiction. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC or other cited celebrity in the story personally. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...*First Words*Hi guys. Finally, I have decided to scrap off the HTML components of my stories. So, Reformation would be seen in the simple text format. I got a lil tired teen babysitter porn of putting it in HTML lesbo teen porn format but surely I'll miss doing it! My other stories are still there in the archives. What I See (JC story) and Crossed Paths(Brian/Justin). I know I'm trying to manage 3 stories but I'll really try my best to update all my stories. And remember, I love feedbacks.MAIL --> yr_ry_hotmail.comThe Reformation 27Lunch was just dominated by Rich. It was like his mouth wasn't gonna stop talking about what happened for the past weeks that I wasn't here. He told us of what happened with our neighbors, who I don't even know. He told us the latest gossips in town, which I really don't care about. And, all the things that he has done which only comprised of working in a cafe as a waiter, dating, eating and sleeping, in that order.Alex and I just looked at each other as Rich animatedly talk about how he waited for an actor who I even don't teen male gay porn know. Alex just rolled his eyes after he subtly looked at Rich. But being the good friend, I just let Rich talk and talk and talk. Eventually, he'll get tired... hopefully.The three of us have already finished our lunch but Rich was still talking. I guess he's not gonna get tired. "Rich, I need to call someone. I'll be back in a minute." I told Rich who just nodded at me and then continued yakking about something. I got lost when he talked about the time he forgot to close the teen porn cartoon comics cafe. I stood up from my seat and walked out teen sex porn videos of the kitchen leaving Rich and Alex.I picked up the phone to book a flight to Florida. "Hello, good afternoon. How can I help you?" A cheery lady answered."I would like to book the earliest flight to Orlando please." tree teen porn I answered politely."For a moment." She said and I could hear the sound of fingers pressing on the keyboards of a computer. "There's one that is going to leave later at 5pm. Do you want this flight, sir?" She asked."That would be wonderful." I replied."What class would it be, sir?" She inquired.Hmm... what class? "First." I answered confidently. I haven't ridden a first class ride by myself. I think I need to indulge sometimes. She answered me about how wonderful I am to take their plane and after giving her my details, we finally ended the back teen porn call. She's too happy.I spun around and saw Alex walking close to me. "Call JC now. I want it now. I want someone other than Rich, please." Alex pleaded. I dunno what excuse he used to escape Rich. I nodded and dialed JC's cell teen twin porn phone.It rang a few times, and then someone answered. "JC's phone!" I think it's JC."Hey Jayce." I answered. "I'll cut this short. I'll be leaving for Florida later at 3 so just ask my brother what this is all about." I told JC and handed it to Alex. "I'll be packing a few. I'll be back maybe tomorrow, or the next." I said to Alex as free tiney teen porn I left him to talk to Josh. I left Alex in the den and walked to my room to pick x- top teen porn up some clothes that I would need in the trip.I think I can manage to live in one bag for this trip. It's not like I'm gonna be spending a hefty amount of time there. The main goal of this trip is to talk to free teen gallery porn Brian and get back with him, then go back home to prepare for the NSYNC tour. And I need lots of preparations, I have to know their songs!"You done?" Alex chimed from the door. I picked up the small backpack and nodded at him."Do you want me to drive you to the airport?" Rich offered."Thank you but no." I declined. "Traffic is hell and I don't wanna burden you in going back here with that tight jam. I'll just ride a cab." I told Rich who nodded at me. "Alex, be good okay?" I reminded Alex who just rolled his eyes."Mart, I'm 18 years old for God's sake." Alex answered."That's what I'm afraid of, especially that I'm leaving you with Rich." I said with a grin and walked out of the yougn teen porn house. I immediately got a cab and instructed the driver to bring me to the airport. I looked at my watch and it read 3:30pm. I think I'll make it to the airport even with the traffic that we were experiencing.I sat there quiet contemplating in how I'll talk with Brian. I can't just blurt out that I said 'no' because I want to amacher teen porn cause him pain in what he did to me. That would be too harsh. I want to be with him once more and that's what I'm sure of. I love him. I really do.We reached the airport and I paid the driver the fare and tip. I walked to the counter there and talked with a lady with xxx teen ******** the familiar voice. "I'm Martin Johnson." I said to the woman."Martin Johnson?" She asked with a smile as she typed in the computer. tight teen pussies porn "Can I please see some ID, sir?" She asked politely. I handed her my driver's license and she looked back at me. "Mr. Johnson, here's your ticket and have a wonderful trip. Good day." She said too cheerfully."Thank you." I said and teen porn net hurriedly got away from the counter. She's just too damn happy!I sat on what of the chairs there and waited for my flight to be called. That left me with more time to think on what I'll free porn teen vidoes do once I see Brian. Of course, I'll apologize first. I think that's the most important thing. Then, I'll explain to him why I did it. But how on earth will I tell someone I love that I did something just to hurt him intentionally? That would be tough.The semi-computerized voice from the PA disrupted my train of thought teen girls of porn as it called my flight to Florida. I am on my way to meet Brian. The trip was a comfortable one. Maybe because I am in first class and have all the perks and privileges that the airlines could offer. Now, to do some more thinking.What if I just leave out the fact that I did free teen xxx pics it to hurt him? I think that would save both of us some pain. But the only set back would is that I'm not completely honest with Brian and I don't want a relationship without complete honesty. This isn't Survivor but a real relationship. I guess I'll just have to wait if he's gonna still accept me after he hears what I would tell him. I hope he wouldn't reject me.Now to other worries, NSYNC. Will the others approve of this? I mean, I work for the Backstreet Boys. Even if they are friends, they are still competition. Is it ethical that I work for the two? But I won't be doing anything so technically, I am jobless. My contract didn't stipulate any thing about not working with other acts so I guess I can do this. And another perk is that I'm gonna see Justin and the others... and prolly Nick too.Then Alex. barley legal teen porn I really don't know what I'll do with Alex. I can't teen ametur porn vids just bring him everywhere I go. He needs a college education. This is for the best of him even if he wants to be a performer, he has to get a degree. Being a star isn't forever but a degree can be. It's the perfect investment of teen xxx 18 a person. I just have to convince him.When we landed on Florida, I walked out of the plane and into the airport. "Shit." I muttered when something entered my teen mexican porn pics mind. I have no idea where Brian lives in Florida. I know he has a house here but I don't know where. I brought out my phone and dialed Kevin's number. I'm sure that he has the address. "Hello?" Kevin answered the phone."Hi Kev!" I said on the phone. "I'm just gonna ask what Brian's address is? I need to talk to him and I'm in Florida right now and I have no idea where I'll go." I explained teen amature sex to Kevin my situation."That's cool! We should get together some time! I miss you and your antics!" Kevin chuckled. "Oh yeah the address..." Kevin said and gave me Brian's address. I still don't know where it was but hopefully a cab driver does."Thanks Kev! I'll prolly see you some time. Bye!" I hung up the phone and walked out of the airport. austreling teen porn I hailed a cab and gave him the piece of paper where Brian's address was written. He nodded at me. Thank God he knows where it was.I sent a SMS to Alex telling him that I have landed safely in Florida. SMS is really a simple way of communicating. He replied to me saying that he got my message and good luck to me. I think I'll need luck."We're here." The driver said to me. I looked out the window and saw a gated house. It was fairly big but it seems that no one is home. All the light was off. I wonder where he was? I stepped out of the cab and paid the driver the fare and tipped him for finding the place.I pressed the doorbell but no one was answering. I guess no one was home. Where will Brian go? I assumed that he got home already and he should be tired from all that he has done for the past tour. coed teen porn I looked left and right looking for teen home video porn somewhere I could stay first, and eat. I was starving already.I saw latina teen porn a diner not too far away from Brian's house. Actually, it was opposite Brian's house but a few lots away. So I can still see Brian's house from there. I entered the diner and ordered a burger and a root beer as I sat on booth where Brian's house could be seen. "Looking for Littrell?" The old woman asked me."Yeah. I assumed that he's not there coz all the lights are off and I didn't know where he was. I just hope that he goes home tonight." I answered the kind lady."He was there earlier but he left around 4pm. Most teen hardcore sex videos probably he'll be back. He always does." She told me and left me with my food. I must say that the burger wasn't bad. black lisbin teen porn I looked at my watch and it was 8pm already but no sign of Brian. I was pondering if I should phone Kevin and ask him where he was but a car parked in front of Brian's house and when the gates opened, it entered the estate. I guess that's Brian.I paid for my food and walked to Brian's house once more. There was a light already in the second floor and on the first floor as well. I rang the doorbell. "Who is it?" A voice said.I pressed the button and talked. "It's Martin. Can I come in?" I said. The gates opened and I entered. I walked to the front door and Brian was there standing looking tired. "Can we talk?" I said as I neared him. He let me inside and we sat in the den. It was a nice house and an amazing interior as teen women porn well. "Nice house." I noted."Thanks." Brian said to me. I dunno why but he seems to be nervous. He's eyes were a little shifty like he's praying for something not to happen. "Do you want anything?" teen and sex He asked me."No thanks. I already ate in the diner across the street." I responded. An uncomfortable silence settled in after that. I think I should go first. "Bri, I'm really sorry about the last time." I started. I closed my eyes trying to gather the strength that I needed to tell him everything. "I really wanna be with nude teen models pics you again. Last night, I was feeling hungarian teen porn mixed emotions and my emotions got over me. I was too sad from the break up. teen porn movie rapidshare I was too contented with what we had even though if what we had was also the couple thing already." I chuckled a little bit. "And I was angry too. I was teen porn galeries angry because you caused me so much pain and I wanted you to feel that pain. I wanna let you feel what I felt. But I'm sorry for that. I am so sorry teen girl porn pic coz I really love you." I said it all from my heart. I didn't look at Brian coz I don't wanna see his reaction with what I was gonna tell him. I don't wanna see the anger, pain or other teen actress porn emotion that might be written in his face. I can't take it."Oh." Brian said, almost whispered."I went here to apologize with what I did to you and to teen blue jeans porn small teen porn ask if you still wanna take me back." I told him hurriedly. My vision was beginning to blur and I could hear my heart beat in my chest."Hey Bri! Where can I get some glasses?" free teen porn mpeg A voice shook the silence. I was expecting Brian's voice sweet teen porn pics but not another voice. I looked back at the source of the voice. A man with black hair was barely leagle teen porn standing by the youn teen boys porn door to free teen porn top the kitchen, I think. "Oh, you have a visitor." He stated free teen lesbian and disappointment settled in his face. "I'll just look for it." He said and walked away.I looked at Brian who just smiled at me weakly. "Who's that?" I asked. Do you know the feeling that something is not right in a situation? Like there's a knot in your stomach? I was feeling that."He's just a friend." Brian answered me. He was uncomfortable. He was always a bad liar. But I won't get out of this with a lie, I'll get the truth."Bri, I want the truth. I was honest with you and I deserve it too." I said to him trying to calm myself.He breathed in like he was gonna reveal something big. "Okay, he's someone I free teen incest porn met in a cafe. He was nice to listen to me teen gay penis so I invited him here." Brian answered."So, you two aren't gonna, um, have sex and everything?" I asked once more."No. He's just being nice so I wanted to teen ******** movies be nice with him too." Brian said with a weak laugh. As if there was a cue, the black-haired man entered the den once more."Bri, teen porn stars fucking I really can't find the glasses." He sorta whined."Why won't we continue talking in the kitchen so you can help him out too." I said to him trying to be casual with teen couple sex what was happening before my eyes. I know that it was obvious that something was going on with the two but if I'm gonna do something drastic, I wanted something that is supported and not something my mind conjured up."That would be great!" He answered. I stood up and walked with him trying to be friendly."I heard that you've been hard body teen porn a very good listener to Brian." japan teen sex I said."I illgal teen porn love to listen to others and Brian here needs some help and I was there in the cafe too with nothing to do so we got to talk and xxx nude porn teen he poured out his feelings. I guess it's his ex-boyfriend's loss coz Brian is such a charming guy!" fetish porn teen He told straightforwardly."I know." I mumbled."I mean look at him. He has almost everything. He has the looks and the talents. And maybe I can let him forget about it later." He said with a wink in Brian's direction. I stopped dead on my tracks. Did I just hear what I heard? I looked at Brian who seemed to be interested in the pattern of the floor. "Sorry, I didn't get your name? I'm Wesley." He said extending his hand."I'm Martin." I said shaking his hand as I glared at Brian."Oh." A look of shock was written in the face of Wesley."I guess I better go. I hope you two will have so much fun." I said sarcastically and walked away. "I will not cry. I will not cry." I repeatedly whisper to myself. But the tears were already cascading down my cheeks."Martin! Wait!" I heard Brian shout behind me. I kept walking. I need to get away. A shoulder touched me."Don't hot fuck teen porn touch me!" I yelled at him as I spun around. "You lied to me again!""Marty, porn xxx teen you've teen spies porn gotta believe me. I didn't know that he wanted to hook up with me." Brian said almost pleading."Bri, just assess what you just did with this Wes guy and tell me that it seems that you're not interested with sex or a relationship." I told him coldly. Who on earth will bring a stranger to his very own home if it's not hooking? "Don't treat me like a stupid person.""I just wanted someone to be with but I wasn't after sex or a relationship. I love you too much to start something too fast. Marty, I don't wanna be alone in this house. I invited Wes here coz I want some company so I won't feel that sad with you away." Brian tried to explain. Seeing him with tears flowing down his eyes really broke my heart. I just wanted to scoop him up and comfort him at that moment."You're not lying to me?" I asked like a small child."I'm not lying. Please believe me." Brian held my hand. I looked at black teen porn vids his hand over my hand and the rings that we have exchanged with each other. teen titan sex It was the symbol of teen sex tips our love and promise that we'll always be for each other."I believe you." I said as I embraced him. I wiped away the tears that have escaped my eyes. It was like the world younge teen dildo porn didn't exist at that moment. For me, it was just Brian and I. I broke the embrace and stared straight at his eyes. "Does this mean that, um, we're together again?" I asked.Brian didn't answer with words but the kiss that he gave me screamed 'yes'. I can say that I missed his lips locked with mine. His ramos teen addiction porn soft luscious lips. "I missed that." He said out-of-breath when he broke the kiss with a grin planted on his face."Me too." I told him with a smile. "How about Wes?" I asked him."I'll free teen z porn just talk with him and clear this up." Brian answered. He extended his hand to me. I intertwined my fingers with his and that's how we returned to his house. Hand in hand.When we entered the house, Wes was sitting on the couch prolly waiting for our return. "I'll just go to the kitchen." I excused teen orgasim porn myself. I wanted them to have their privacy as they talk this out."You can stay here." Brian told me. Well, I have no choice coz he wasn't releasing my hand. He was actually squeezing my hand. "Wes, I'll just blurt it out. Martin and I got back together." Brian said bluntly."Oh." Wes uttered. "I guess I should leave you two." He said as he stood up from where he was sitting."You can stay here for the night. It's late already. It's the least I can do for you coz you really helped me out earlier." Brian offered Wes. Wes didn't answer but he looked at me, teen sex thumbnails I just nodded at him."Um, okay. Thanks." Wes said with a weak smile."Why won't we get to know each other. You're still looking for glasses earlier, right? Let's find something to drink while we chat." I said trying to put in Wes in the young teen porn 16 mix. teen titan porn (raven) I know he would feel a little japanese teen nudes left out and he prolly would give us the space so we can have our time free teen bra porn together."That's a great idea!" Brian said to me with 16 jaar teen porn a grin. He gave me a peck."Okay." Wes said and we three walk to the kitchen.Brian is really a good judge of character because Wes is really something else. The awkward feeling that we had earlier on diminished and we were chatting like old friends. Wes is actually a 24-year old fashion designer. He wasn't famous yet in the fashion world but with what he was wearing that he made himself, he was talented. He isn't a native of the States. He just slutty teen porn migrated here from Asia hoping to make it big in the States. Maybe that explains his exotic look. His skin was yellowish brown. Maybe because of his Chinese descent. But he too had a difficult life. He wasn't that well off but he can manage for his everyday needs.I white teen porn pictures tried to stifle amateur interracial teen porn a yawn but I guess the two trips I did was too much for me. "You sleepy sweetie?" Brian asked."A little. The traveling is too much I guess." I said. "You can continue talking if you want but I'm resting." I told them."I'm beat too." Wes declared."Well, I guess we are all going up now." Brian said with a laugh. Brian brought Wes to one of the guest rooms. The room was very spacious and very well furnished. "Is this okay?" Brian asked Wes."This is amazing. It's like my whole apartment already!" Wes laughed. "I can't thank you enough for your generosity." Wes told Brian and I know that it was a sincere one. Wes is one of the most real person that I have met and I hope that we can be really good friends coz flat cheasted teen porn he's a good one."It's nothing." Brian said. "Good night!" Brian waved at him and closed the door. Brian's hand free teen porn picturs snaked around my waist and daily nude teen girls nuzzled at my neck. "Now, it's our night." Brian said seductively."As much as I want to, I'm really tired. Two plane rides is really tiring." I said with a chuckle. I could picture Brian already pouting and when I looked at him, he was really pouting. "Your pout ain't gonna work this time. I'm really beat. Let's just cuddle. I miss it." I told him. His pout turned into hot nasty teen porn a smile and we walked to his room.His room is prolly the biggest room in the house and the fact that it's not really filled with furniture dirty teen girl porn makes it bigger. There's only an entertainment system in front of the king-sized bed with portraits of the Backstreet Boys, his family and... me? teen girl anal porn "Is that me?" I asked him as I pointed at the picture hanging on free teen titans porn the wall nearest to the bed."Yeah. I asked Andre to take a picture of you." He said shyly. I didn't know that he asked Andre and it was really a surprise. "Come on, let's sleep." Brian said as he stripped down to his boxers. I too stripped down and laid on the comfy bed."I love you." I laid my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat continuously."I love you too." Brian gay teen skater porn was playing with my hair and that's how I slept that night. One of the most peaceful sleeps I ever had. Maybe it's the fact that Brian was there. ---------------- End of ChapterHi y'all!!Before anything else! I wanna thank tıny teen porn all of those who nominated my story! I got two nominations in the BBSA and I'm so ecstatic about that. It's my first time being nominated and it's an honor being nominated. I got teen porn seventeen the nomination little underage teen porn in the saddest break free teen xxx photos up and the best threesome categories. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart! And don't forget to vote for your favorite stories! I have already voted (most were JC's Hitchhiker and teen porn free galleries Brian and Tommy).That's the 27th chapter and the major couple is back together! I was thinking of extending the break up further but it was sounding that it's overly dramatic so I just have to cut it up. Something to save up for next time. *wink* And a new character... Wes. Is he good? Is he bad? Will he play a big teen sex pic part in here or he's just one of those characters that doesn't see the light once more after their chapter or two? Well, you have to keep on reading to find out!It's so damn hot!!! I live in a little archipelago teen slut bus in Asia, Philippines and when I say hot, it's really hot. I think we have like 35C (95F) temperature here. Summer here is good, but this is just too much already. *sigh*Thanks to ALL of you who have taken the time and MAILED me! I truly appreciate it very much. A big, asian teen sex slave big shout to my Danish pals, Chris and Danny, I hope you always be in love forever coz you compliment each other perfectly. You two are made for each other! :-)PLEASE!!!! Send me feedbacks... I'm a feedback addict! I so love those feedbacks. Short, long, good or bad, or just whatever... drop me a line okay? I also have most of the IM programs out there and I'm usually on, hopefully you can catch me.AIM : pseud0ry Yahoo! : yr_ry MSN : ICQ : 156360427Also, I'm usually in the boyband chatroom.NEW Addie is: yr_ry_hotmail.comEMAIL me.A big 'HI' to the people in the Nifty Boyband Chatroom and CRAZY!!! They are so nice, especially Wes, Dru, CJ, Duckie, Strat, Clive, Jayson... and the list goes on. Wanna say hi to my friend Byron who have helped me with his support and his young teen rape porn friendship! Stay strong in your relationship! Finally, a big big 'thank you' to David who maintains the Nifty archives, without him, we won't be reading any of the best slash fics teen porn europe in the world!Also, here are my suggestions of other cool stories in the archive that influenced me in my craft.NSYNC Stories. + Jamie's Romance (Justin) + Love Thru Chat (JC/Justin, Lance) + Josh and Just (JC/Justin) + Lance in Shining Armour (Lance) + My New Life (Lance) + Justin's euro young teen porn Dark Angel (Justin) + My Surprise Romance (Lance) + Life with emo teen porn Justin (Justin) + JC's Hitchhiker (JC) + Jimmy Needs Assistance (Lance) + Lance, JC and an Astral Fan (Lance/JC) + Lance's Search (Lance/JC) + Like the Rain (Justin) + Time Stood Still + JC Dreams (JC) + My Soulmate JC (JC) + Sans Vous, Je Suis Rien (Justin) + Chance Meeting (Justin) + Needing You (Lance/Eminem)Backstreet Stories. + Because seduced teen porn I Love You (Brian/Nick) + Double Take (Brian/Nick) + Bad Boy B-Rok (Brian) + Heir to the Darkness (Brian/Nick) + Kevin and Dustin (Kevin) + French Kiss Me (Brian) + Millennium Love (Brian) + Forever (Kevin) + Get Another Boyfriend (Kevin) + Heir to the Darkness (Nick/Brian) + Insecurities (Nick) + On the Streets (Kevin) + Brian and Tommy (Brian)Crossover Stories. + Brian and Justin (Brian/Justin) + The One (Brian/Justin) + Living (Almost all of NSYNC, BSB and 98') --> found in
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